Droid News: Zagg Will invisibleSHIELD Invading Droids @ Verizon


Zagg will be offering an invisibleSHIELD
for the Motorola Droid. It's a clear shield that uses a Scratch-proof. The ultra-thin film is precision cut and won't bulk up the Droid while adding increased grip.

ZAGG obtained a
working model of the Droid and has already created an invisibleSHIELD
design for it. The Company began accepting orders for invisibleSHIELDor the  for the Motorola Droid today, November 2nd,
and expect to start shipping to key retailers prior to the advertised
availability date for the device on Friday, November 6th.

The InvisibleSHIELD is ZAGG's military-grade, virtually
invisible and indestructible film that protects smartphones and other
gadgets from bumps, scratches and dings with a lifetime guarantee.

"ZAGG continues to lead our industry by creating the world's finest
protection and enhancement for all of the hottest new devices," said
Robert G. Pedersen II, President and CEO of ZAGG. "We are excited about
the combination of the Motorola Droid and the invisibleSHIELD, and we
are certain customers will see it as a perfect fit."