AT&T Mobile Facebook Glitch Fixed, Says AT&T

iPhoneFacebook.jpgThe Associated Press, over the weekend reported  cases where an AT&T customers using a smartphone accessing Facebook somehow entered someone else's Facebook account. Once in the wrong account the customers could see all the user's personal information.

"In a limited number of instances, a server software connectivity error
resulted in some AT&T wireless customers being logged in to the
wrong Facebook account when they accessed Facebook through their mobile
phones," AT&T spokesman Michael Coe in a statement.

AT&T has fixed the problem by adding security measures, disabled the Facebook subscriber ID number option for automated log-on. The subscriber identification option is the session identification number that is added to the URL for automated log-on.

Another problem occurred in Atlanta due to cookies that also have been repaired.

The mix-up was in how the server connected the user to the Facebook account.