BlackBerry Apps Cost More than Other Apps, Says Distimo


Distimo has released it app store report. They found that most Android developers are in the US, Europeans pay more for their apps, BlackBerry apps are the most expensive and WinMo apps are not available in all countries due to Microsoft's policies.

Here their figures:

In the Google Android Market, 65% of the publishers are located in the United States, 12% in the United Kingdom, 20% in Europe and 3% in Japan.

Publishers located in Europe price their applications highest with an average of $4.42, which is 49% higher than publishers located in the United States.

Applications in Apple App Store, Google Android Market and Nokia Ovi Store are priced at around $3.50. Windows Marketplace for Mobile and BlackBerry App World are more expensive, averaging $6.99 and $8.26 respectively.

Because of Microsoft's market validation guidelines and additional fees for distributing applications in more than one country, the number of applications available in some countries is only a small percentage (<5%) of applications available worldwide.

To view the report use this link.