More Teens Text, Txtng VIP 2Teens, Says MRI


More teens are choosing
texting over instant messaging as their preferred method of
communication, according to the latest TeenMark study from Mediamark
Research & Intelligence (MRI).

Some 57% of teenagers report they text messaged on their cell phones
in the last 30 days, compared to 42% who instant messaged on a computer
in the same time frame, according to the TeenMark study.

With affordable unlimited texting plans available from most cell
phone carriers, it's easier than ever for teenagers to use their thumbs
to communicate. The number of teens who text has increased 50% since
2007, vs. a 13% decline in the number of teens using instant messaging.
Texting is now the #1 feature teens use on mobile cell phones, aside
from making phone calls.

Not only are more teens texting, there is ample evidence that
texting holds an important place in teens' lives. For instance, 78% of
teens who text agree that "text messaging is an important part of my
daily life." And, 75% of texting teens report they text while watching
TV. The most common reason teens text is to communicate with friends
and family. However, 1 in 5 texting teens also use texting to vote in
contests, and 1 in 7 texting teens report they looked at an
advertisement sent with a text message.

These findings from MRI's TeenMark study provide insight into the shifting digital socializing habits of teenagers," said Anne Marie Kelly, SVP, Marketing & Strategic Planning at MRI. "Texting via cell phone is a growing form of communication among teens and, therefore, a growing platform for advertisers. Many marketers now offer coupons, promotions and other marketing messages through texting. And TV shows like American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance have recognized the influence of teen texting by incorporating texting into their voting and communication methods."

MRI's TeenMark study captures data from more than 3,600 12-19 year old participants from households included in MRI's Survey of the American Consumer. The TeenMark 2009 study comprises data that were collected from April to August 2008 and from April to August 2009. In addition to product, media and demographic data, MRI's TeenMark offers a wealth of psychographic data covering topics such as beauty, finance, food, leisure, technology & lifestyles.

Teen Texting vs. Instant Messaging

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Instant Messaging
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