The Hub Bub on Windows Phone 7: Office Hub Support Email, Calendaring

Microsoft really wants Microsoft Office users to love their next smartphone operating system. Windows Phone 7 is going to embraace office Office Hub with audio notes, photo notes, shared docment library, auto summaries and word search. Of course there is a whole of PowerPoint, Excel, Sharepoint, and Word going on. The onscreen QWERTY keyboard can be used for search.

The latest Windows Phone are the Kin One and Two..

Another video shows the full integration of email messages, maps, calendar and event planning. You can scroll through pages of email and edit a PowerPoint slide just by clicking on it like you do in Windows. There’s a meeting request feature that shows a photo of the person and an integrated scheduling, that automatically shows a map to the meeting place.

Other features include photo syncing sharing, built-in syncing music player, and a “me” screen. The ‘me” screen has Facebook and Windows Live status built-in.