Droid X Forces Ready: Verizon Price Drops and Buy One Get One or Any Free Deals 6/28

VerizonPriceDrops.JPGLet the smartphone wars begin. The name Droid came from Star Wars and Verizon

's sales force will be in full force with 'the Force," for selling the well-reviewed Droid X as well as other full-powered phones.

Leaked Verizon documents show some price drops except for the soon to be release released Droid X. The campaign slogans for The Droid X wax poetic with Star- Wardian catch(kitsh) phrases such as "high octane fuel for your eyes" "immense appsphere that powers your way past mortal peers" and "Witnes your own evolution right before your ecstatic dilated eyes."
If you don't get ecstatic and dilated by the Droid X,
the other price-lowered data phones may be more your lower octane fuel.
Some phones qualify for Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) while other s are
Buy One Get Any Free (BOGA).

Here's what Verizon will discount:

  • LG enV Touch reduced to $49.99 after $100 rebate, BOGO -
    $30 cheaper.
  • BlackBerry Storm2 reduced to $149.99 after $100 rebate,
    BOGA - $30 cheaper. Note:
    Reviews of the BlackBerry Storm2
    range from rave (telling
    people to get in line) to suggesting
    that competitors are more full-featured.
  • Nokia Twist reduced to $49.99 after $50 rebate, BOGA - $50
  • Kin ONE reduced to $29.99 after $100 rebate, BOGA - $30
  • Kin TWO reduced to $49.99 after $100 rebate, BOGA -
    $30 cheaper.

All of the phones reduced require data plans for web surfing, email and
social networking. Don't forget you can avoid
waiting for a rebate when you use the
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