Facebook Beautifies Photos with Increased Size & Features

facebooklarger.JPGAccording to the Facebook blog, Facebook is updating the platform with new photo features.  Facebook on Friday also announced a 5-for-1 stock split, a move that should enable it to make larger stock grants to employees.

Facebook users can add high resolution images.  There’s a better viewer for browsing photos, enhanced tagging and improved uploader for multiple images.

Wireless and Mobile News fans to the WMN Facebook page will notice that we like to use the photo capabilities of Facebook.  There are event photos, and we’ve been running some “artistic” photos of smartphones.  It’s amazing how many people take photos of their Droid and BlackBerry smartphones.  Be sure to “Like” us to be eligible for prizes and tickets to parties.  We also show sneak peeks at data, such as comScore’s top Social site data.

We will also be publishing a special feature Sunday about how the media is using social media, such as Facebook.

Facebook increased the size of the photos stored from 720 pixels to 2,048 pixels on the largest edge, for an 8 times increase overall.

You can now view photos and even whole albums without having to go to a new page. Instead, the photo opens in the center of your screen, and you close it when you’re done. There’s no need to go back and forth between pages or reload the page.

With the new photo uploader, you will be able to tag multiple photos in the same album all at once, as well as tag photos of the same person with a lot less effort.

A new light box (the dark frame around your pictures) makes viewing photos a richer experience.  We also rewrote all the code for the viewer from scratch, so paging through photos will be noticeably faster.

The photo uploader has been made more stable and reliable.  It now uses the latest Flash technology.