Super Bowl Mobile Promotions, Financial iPhone & Payment Games


Shameless promotions for all kinds of mobile services are trying to pay in the Super Bowl media boom.  The Motorola XOOM will tackle the Apple 1984 commercial.  On Sunday, we received an email from Best Buy guaranteeing delivery by the day of the Big Game.  Visa has joined the game and is offering free Financial Football online and as an iPhone/iPad app.

Here's one that's a real stretch.  Pay for your Super Bowl bets via text messages with Xipwire.  We received a news release from Xipwire touting it as a great way to pay for "game pools," and they don't mean swimming pools.  There's even a pyramid-style promotion so that the person who sets up the pool can earn up to $500 in referral fees.

"Hey, sports fan, if you're as excited as we are for the big game, sign up with XipWire, and join the 21st Century!  XipWire's mobile
payment system is the fastest, easiest and safest way to play a Super
Bowl block pool with your buddies from work or with your pals from
home...So really, what are you waiting for?

This free and easy-to-use service takes all the headache and
aggravation out of running a Super Bowl pool and breaks it down to its
purest form - fun and healthy competition among friends (well, with a
little money thrown into the mix to spice things up).

Keeping track of your pool has never been so easy.  Organizers can
manage all U.S. players' activity from one central account; keeping
track of all deadbeats who still haven't paid for their spot.  As an extra
incentive for manning up and being the one running the pool, XipWire is
offering $1 for every person, $50 for every 10 people (up to $500) that
signs up through their service."

Visa and NFL PLAYERS, running backs Felix Jones and Tashard Choice of the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears wide receiver, as well as Bears linebacker Lance Briggs,
kicked off Super Bowl XLV week today by playing a different type of
football - "Financial Football."  Together, they showcased an effort to
improve the money management skills of Texas teenagers by playing a lively game of "Financial Football," an interactive money management video game with an NFL theme.

The free game is available online.  Visa also released the game as a free iPhone app on iTunes, along with an optimized HD iPad version.