HTC ThunderBolt Review of News: Best Buy $299, ThunderBolts Shipped & Near Future Release Date

HTC ThundeBolt 299.JPGThe HTC ThunderBolt is a fascinating story to follow - preorders started at Best Buy without a data plan price, smartphone price or release date.

Yesterday, for a short time, a price of $699 without a contract for the ThunderBolt by HTC appeared on the HTC website.  The Best Buy Sunday circular showed it for $299 with a two-year activation and a regular price of $749.99. 

Engadget claimed that the delay was due to low battery life.  Meanwhile, Verizon still has never officially announced a price or release date for the HTC ThunderBolt.

Verizon posted the following on its Facebook wall today:

fans, we appreciate all the excitement about the anticipated launch of
the ThunderBolt by HTC.  We’re excited too! Verizon 4G LTE is America’s
fastest, most advanced 4G network & we want to ensure the advanced
technology behind our first 4G LTE phone is flawless.  We will announce
its release date as soon as it is confirmed.  Thanks for your support
& patience while we work to bring you the ThunderBolt by HTC

Wall comments include “I want it NOW!”, “I have at least 25 different Verizon reps to
tell me release dates of 14th, 17th, 24th & the 28th ——so yes
p#-*sed off would describe it,” and “What is the ThunderBolt ?”

Verizon Wireless spokeswoman Karen Schulz stated in an email that no release date has been officially announced for the HTC ThunderBolt and that Verizon looks forward to “introducing this great product to the market in the near future.”

She also confirmed that Verizon retail stores will carry the HTC ThunderBolt.  There have been reports that the HTC ThunderBolt smartphones are en route and shipping to Verizon stores.  The release date could be March 4 or March 10.  Whereas March 4 is this week, it may be more likely to release on March 10.

The HTC ThunderBolt is a 4G LTE Android 2.2 smartphone with HTC
a 4.3-inch touchscreen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, Skype video calling,
mobile hotspots, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  Other features include a
built-in kickstand, Dolby/SRS surround sound, and DLNA support.  It was originally announced at CES in January.

The unlimited data 4G LTE data plan is suspected to cost $29.99 a month.  If Verizon will release it this week, we should know by tomorrow (March 1) because Verizon announces on Tuesdays their smartphones that will be released on Thursdays.

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