Adzookie Mobile Ads Paint the Town Maybe Your House & Pay Your Mortgage


There may be a new mobile ad network on the block in your neighborhood.

To be seen locally, mobile advertising network Adzookie is offering to pay mortgages.

To get the paid-mortgage privilege, your house is painted and turned into a giant billboard for Adzookie. 

"The response has been overwhelming.  Today alone, we received at least 2,000 applications," Romeo Mendoza, CEO Adzookie, told Wireless and Mobile News.  "Many people have financial difficulties.  It' nice to be able help some of them."

Mendoza expected ten homes at first, but then he found new partner brands and expects to paint at least 100 houses this month.

You must own your home to be eligible for an offer.

Adzookie claims "mobile ads rock and have a higher click-through rate."  You can chose mobile ads by core audience, age, gender, income or interest.

Adzookie has found a way to display mobile ads on any website.  When
Adzookie mobile ads go on a publisher's website, the publisher gets free
advertising every month on other publishers' websites.  The ads are
location-based and are targeted for neighborhoods.

Adzookie has gotten all kinds of offers.  They have one applicant who wanted his house painted across the street from the Department of Homeland Security.