iPhone 5 Even More Popular than Android and BlackBerry in Minneapolis

Android BlackBerrry iPhone.jpgGene Munster at Piper Jaffray surveyed 216 mobile phone users in a food court in Minneapolis.  iPhone, BlackBerry and Android owners voiced their next phone purchase preference and the winner is the iPhone 5.  Not only iPhone owners plan to buy the iPhone 5 but Android and BlackBerry owners too.

His survey suggests iPhone's market share could double in the next round of smartphone purchases.  He found:

  • 64% said that they plan to buy an iPhone when they purchase a new phone.
  • Among those who do not have an iPhone but plan to buy an iPhone next, 60% are y waiting for the iPhone 5.
  • Of those Verizon subs who do not have an iPhone but plan to buy an iPhone next, 74% are waiting for the iPhone 5. At AT&T 53% are iPhone 5 waiters.
  • Among existing iPhone users, 94% expect to buy another iPhone (6% expect to switch to Android).
  • Among existing Android users 47% expect to buy another Android smartphone 42% would switch to iPhone.
  • Among all BlackBerry users just 26% expect to buy another
    BlackBerry, 67% expect to buy an iPhone and 3% expect to buy an Android smartphone.

"In other words," Munster concludes, "our survey suggests Apple will
take share from BlackBerry and, to a lesser degree, Android as well as
other smartphones and feature phones in the future."