U Prepaid Gets New Samsung Repp Along with LG Attune, Exhange & Saber.

U PrepadiRegional carriers U.S.Cellular and Alltel Wireless partnered to launch  U Prepaid in Walmart Stores in18 states beginning in May.

Depending on where customers live, the U Prepaid service will run on either U.S. Cellular's high-speed national network or Alltel's coast-to-coast network.

There are four U Prepaid devices. The Android-powered Samsung Repp is a touchscreen smartphone for customers who want to stay productive while on the go.

The LG Attune/LG Exchange and LG Saber make staying connected to friends and family easy with full QWERTY keyboards, and the Samsung Chrono provides the features and functionality for customers who prefer to use their phone for calling and texting.

Customers will be able to choose from a variety plans to match how they use their phones. There are multiple data options and plans that include unlimited talk and texting. All of the plans are nationwide with no roaming charges.