Wi-Fi Eye-Spot Spotted 4 Free Eye Exams in FL for Healthy Vision Month

Spot Vision

PediaVision will be conducting free public vision screenings with the Spot vision screener to commemorate the month of May as Healthy Vision Month.

We wish we had the service and Los Angeles, many a time we have noticed young children who bump into walls or who have trouble seeing things.  We don't say anything because we don't have an easy way to suggest to parents to have their children's eyes checked. In Wireless and Mobile News,  we covered the cost of  mobile Wi-Fi hotspot services for Sprint and Verizon. We could call the offer free mobile  Wi-Fi Eye-Spot services.

PediaVision invented Spot to screen children and adults. Spot is a handheld, portable, wireless, Wi-Fi enabled vision screener that looks like a camera and has an incredibly quick capture time of one second or less, which makes screening efficient with pre-verbal and young children.

Spot is powered by sophisticated technology that quickly detects the indication of the following vision issues:

  • Near-sightedness (myopia).
  • Far-sightedness (hyperopia).
  • Unequal refractive power (anisometropia).
  • Blurred vision, eye structure problem (astigmatism).
  • Pupil size deviations (anisocoria).
  • Eye misalignment (strabismus).

In just seconds, Spot provides a comprehensive, reliable analysis that enables informed decision making about the need for follow-up diagnosis.where are you

"The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends that during childhood, babies up to age 2 should have vision screenings during regular pediatric visits, and screenings every one or two years from ages 3 to 19.

"When we screen the younger children, we are able to identify those children at risk for amblyopia, which many people know as lazy eye," said David Melnik, who founded PediaVision in 2007. "We have to identify it by the age of 8 to correct it; otherwise there is little chance of reversing it."

The screenings will be held in various locations throughout Florida, including Miami, Orlando and Deland. The events will be conducted at a variety of places such as Charter Schools, Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten programs and the Urban League.