Samsung Galaxy S 3 (S III) News Update: Bests iPhone, Release Dates, Jelly Bean, Deals & Mis-Understandings

Samsung Galaxy S III understandThe latest Samsung Galaxy S III news includes more delays, brand recognition, confusion, conclusions, good reviews and shortages, while carriers skirt release dates and change plans.

Today, is the first day for shared data plans to go into effect at Verizon Wireless ending subsidized smart hones for grandfathered on limited data plans. One gigabyte of shared data for Verizon have gone up to $50, therefore those who want a subsidized smartphone with unlimited data must look to Sprint.  However, the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III is only operating with 3G data until 4G data networks are launched on July 15.

Besides Sprint reporting ,the July 1 release date in stores, the announcement further clarified that the 32GB models will only be available online, via phone sales and business sales, not in stores on that day. Meanwhile,  those who preordered both 16GB and 32 models have reported receiving their phones. Some of customers who preordered in other stores report that their sales rep says that they can pick up their Samsung Galaxy S in the store on Sunday.  Customers who contacted Sprint chat online reported that the Samsung Galaxy S III will not be available in stores at all on July1 (see below).

Sprint online preorders are still closed.  LetsTalk is taking preorders  for $179.99 with a new contract, add coupon code  TALK4TEN Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) Review of Cheapest Deals/Release Dates/News  Stores, Best Buys, Sales & How Find  for 10% off your cart and free activation ($36) until June 30, Wirefly is also taking preorders for the discounted price of $179.99 for new customers, $10 free Google Wallet credit included. Preorder Now Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) Review of Cheapest Deals/Release Dates/News  Stores, Best Buys, Sales & How Find

Forum members are reporting that Sprint online chat reps are saying that the July 1 release date will only be for online sales and no stores will be selling the Samsung Galaxy S III.

It's hard to place a date on the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III on AT&T. Amazon is showing that is backordered and usually ships in 8 to 9 days. The AT&T website state preorder now. AT&T has made no official release date announced like Verizon Wireless while they both continue to take preorders. . AT&T cited "manufacturer supply constraints" for continued delays of preorder shipments and won't comment on when the device will be available in stores. The best deals on the AT&T version is from  Amazon or  AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) Review of Cheapest Deals/Release Dates/News  Stores, Best Buys, Sales & How Find new customers can get $5o off with this Coupon-Link $50 Off AT&T Wireless with Plan for new customers with a plan.

Delayed Galaxy S III shipments in the U.S. are not due to shortages of specific components or materials. "Our supply (of the Galaxy S III) hasn't been able to meet the soaring demand, but the situation will improve soon," a Samsung spokesman said.

Strategy Analytics reported that Samsung Galaxy series has overtaken the iPhone as the first place best individual smartphone sub-brand. Samsung is using names and letters after the Galaxy moniker, therefore it can get more bang for its brand buck.  We compared the next iPhone later vs the Samsung S III later it depends on many factors.

Reviewers are finding hard to differentiate  the US models of the Samsung Galaxy S III because they all have full 2GB of Ram and the use the Snapdragon S4 1.5GHz dual core processor and  run pretty much the same. The extra RAM helps smooth things out greatly. Batteries can be swapped across carriers. The 2nd Generation Gorilla Glass screen is very strong and resists scratches.  Only difference are the carriers, prices and network speeds.

While the  Samsung Galaxy S II recently received the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Now, bloggers are worried when and if the Samsung Galaxy S3 will get an update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.  The Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and  Motorola Xoom  are slated for an update to Jelly Bean in July, while phone makers are just now getting the software.

The Samsung blog states that the Samsung Galaxy S III understands you by keeping the screen awake when you're looking at it, notifying missed calls, automatic hold, scrolls by double tapping and voice commands.

Whenever shipments arrive, we're not sure if the Samsung Galaxy S III will really understand you. Please like all Americans, we want it now.

 From a Sprint online chat session:

You: When will the S3 be available instores?

Glenda S: Because of the overwhelming demand for the Samsung Galaxy S III around the world, Sprint has unfortunately delayed its launch on our network. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Glenda S: The device should be available at all Sprint channels within a week.

You: Ive heard July 1st..

Glenda S: the date has been delayed due to huge demand that led to shortage in the inventory.

You: So July 1st has been rescheduled?

Glenda S: Yes, however, the date has not been announced yet.