iPhone 5 - Presale Sold-Out Backordered Déjà Vu - How Get

iPhone 5 Ship dateSurprise, the Apple iPhone 5 has sold-out of preorders. An Apple spokesperson told the media that Apple is "blown away by the customer response" for pre-orders of the iPhone 5 from the Apple website, saying that the response has been incredible. In the meantime, those who want to buy the iPhone 5 are clamoring for the least iBodacious ways to buy one.

The Apple website shows ship dates within 2 to 3 weeks for the iPhone 5 across carriers.

The response may have been incredible or it may just be that iPhone owners have found the easiest way to not have to wake up early in the morning and wait in line app from Apple store not knowing whether they're going to get the product or not.

We've been telling our readers for over two years that the best way to get popular smart phone if there is a chance of it selling out is in the wee hours of the morning to preorder it. Ordering online in your pajamas is much easier that waking up in the wee hours of the morning, parking, then waiting in line with no guarantee if you're going to get an iPhone or not.

You can still preorder directly from AT&TVerizon Wireless  and Sprint online.  As of 4:00pm PDT, iPhone 5 are to be delivered by 9/28, the time frames are moving as of the writing.  Your best bet may be to go to a retail store in person to preorder if you want one on the first day of sale.

Some retailers, and your friendly carrier retail store associates may be able to hold an iPhone 5 for you, if you ask. Calling the store on an off hour will be the easiest route. BestBuy and RadioShack are taking preorders in store, these sellers usually make appointments for preorderers. We also found that we got better service from a less crowded BestBuy one freeway exit away than the busier closer BestBuy store.

When the iPhone 5 comes out on Friday, there will be lines in stores and server overloads for activations.  Waiting a few days or weeks will enable Apple and the carriers to work the bugs out.