iPhone 5 on Verizon Wireless - How to Keep Unlimited Data & Double Data Deal Upgrade Options

Verizon Wireless issued a news release today with details surrounding its release of the iPhone. Preorders start at 3:01am EDT at Verizon Wireless online. Many Verizon iPhone owners want the iPhone 5 because it is the first iPhone available from Verizon Wireless with 4G LTE data access.

iPhone 5 will be available starting at $199.99 for the 16 GB model, $299.99 for the 32 GB model and $399.99 for the 64 GB model with a new Verizon Wireless two-year customer agreement.

Since June, Verizon customers with unlimited plans have to pay full price for a smartphone in order to keep the unlimited plan. We showed readers the best ways to keep their unlimited plans. Albert Aydin, WiMo News “If you obtain a Verizon approved device from a source other than Verizon Wireless, you can keep your current Verizon plan including unlimited data. It is not considered an upgrade"

The news release from Verizon Wireless, today stated:

'"If you are an existing customer and want to keep your Nationwide Usage Based plan, you can keep your plan, purchase the iPhone at the discounted price with a 2 yr customer agreement. If you have a Verizon Wireless unlimited data plan, you can pay full price for your iPhone 5 and keep your unlimited data plan. Only customers who are new to Verizon Wireless will select from Share Everything Plans."

Previously, forum members plotted to keep a real grandfather's unlimited plan by continuing to pay the Verizon Wireless bill even after Grandpa passed away.

We've got a call and email out to Verizon Wireless' spokesman Ken Muche for confirmation to the answer to this question:

“I have an HTC Thunderbolt since nov. 2011 and  a double data plan that give 4GB for $30. If I want to upgrade to iPhone 5 will I keep the 4GB $30 plan or will I be forced to change it?”

Verizon spokesman Ken Muche,  previously told the L.A Times:

 "Under the promotion, a new Verizon 4G subscriber would get 4 gigabytes for $30, 10 gigabytes for $50 and 20 gigabytes for $80. The plans are offered in the form of two-year contracts.  For those who sign-up for 4G service under the promotion, the doubled data allotment will remain with them as long as they have a 4G smartphone through Verizon, even when it comes time to upgrade to a new 4G phone or after the two-year contract has expired. "

We are waiting to find out if this answer is correct posted in the forum:

"When upgrading to a 4g phone, you will be able to retain data package 4GB $30. If the feature falls off or is not provisioned correctly, call Customer Service within 30 days of change and they will be able to put the feature back on your line. If you wait after 30 days, an Inactive Price Request will have to be submitted and this feature is only retainable 60 days from change."

The one thing we noticed forum members did not realize that if you are not elligible for an upgrade, even if you pay full price the iPhone 5, you will have to pay an Early Termination Fee prorated on how long you have owned the phone.

"On Advanced Devices after November 14, 2009, your Early Termination Fee will be $350 minus $10 for each full month of your contract term that you complete. "

Those who bought the original iPhone 4S and were not granathered  from a previous smartphone with an unlimited plan will be on a data usage plan and be eligible for an upgrade starting two years from the original signing of the contract.  However, others with iPhone 4s models with family members who are are eligible for upgrade are trying to beat the system and switch phones.

There is an interesting post in the Verizon community forum in which a father wants to preorder an iPhone 5 on the daughter's line that has unlimited data on a Droid 2 and then give the daughter his iPhone 4s and keep the iPhone for himself.

First off, he will have to pay the unsubsidized price of at $649.99 for the iPhone to keep unlimited data on both plans.  Forum members are trying to use an upgrade from one family member and then swap phones. It is clear you can't  transfer the upgrade eligibility from one line in advance,

One option is to preorder the iPhone 5 on the upgradeable line and then "activate it on the unlimited line.  WHICHEVER line is UPGRADED will lose the UNLIMITED plan, but the other line will retain the UNLIMITED plan and that will not be affected by transferring phones between lines.  Read entire thread.

We're also trying to confirm the following statement "iPhone 5 was designed to allow simultaneous voice calling on the Verizon Wireless network while browsing the Internet over WiFi.  This is no different from the current iPhone 4S. For further details, check with Apple."

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  1. I think its better to keep the double data deal. I'm trying to make sure it possbile but my contract is not up until November. Then there will be no lines. Thanks for the info.

    • I tried to call Verizon PR reps again today. One was so busy, it cut off. I did leave a message for Ken Muche. The nice thing about the huge Verizon PR department is that they answer their phones!

    • I called and left a message for the Verizon PR Rep Albert Aydin to confirm the situation, again today. I also left messages with Ken Muche. All reps were sent an email on Thursday, last week. Readers to please let us know what you have found out.

  2. This is odd. I have two phones through Verizon and although I want to upgrade to the iPhone 5, the website does not allow me to keep my present plan. Even trying to do so, by upgrading the non-iPhone will not allow me to keep my unlimited plan.

    • I have heard back from Verizon Wireless spokeswoman Brenda Raney with some clarifications. I'm waiting to hear back from her. It's hard for her to answer exact questions, because often people say they have plan which they don't actually have.

      Check back later this evening for the new clarifications.

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