Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) vs iPhone 5 Best Review of Tests

Samsung Galaxy S III Beer Bottle

There have been many comparisons of the Samsung Galaxy S III to the iPhone 5. Most comparisons, compare the features and the software of the Samsung Galaxy S III to the features and software functionality of the iPhone 5.  Currently there is a trend of testing smartphones by attempting to destroy them.  These methods of testing are not scientific but do generate a lot of YouTube viewers and revenue for video makers

First videos appeared with simple drops.  Now there are series of videos, sponsored by major companies to destroy the iPhone 5 and or Samsung Galaxy S III.  One crazy Brit tied the Samsung Galaxy S 3 behind a car then removed the video. The key stress tests are from all types including a two-year-old.  Our favorite all time test of smartphones is to run it through a washing machine.

After looking at several drop and destruction tests, the iPhone 5 survived more often the Samsung Galaxy S III.  We do warn you not to try the tests at home, they may void your warranty.  We also suggest you still exercise caution when using any smartphone model(videos follow).

Toxic Black Cloud Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 Equality

Blendtec  put the Samsung Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5 into its blender.  After being totally decimated and turned into black powder, the two devices look exactly the same. Black smoke similar to the black smoke seen in the TV show "Lost" puffs from the blender. Don't even attempt to do this test  because the smoke is filled with toxic chemicals.  In a comparison of super-blending the Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 are the same.

ScuffGate iPhone 5 Scuffle

MJ form iFixit had her 2-year-old daughter Ellie scratch the iPhone 5 and scuffs it easily. In our estimation because the Samsung Galaxy S III is primarily plastic, it will scuff less. This video was viewed over 1.3 million times.

The latest round of drop tests, on pavement cause the most damage.  When most phones fall on carpet or household flooring they survive better.  In reviewing several tests, the iPhone 5 faired better and maintained the least amount damage.  It may have to do with the metal bezel protecting its construction and smaller size of the iPhone 5.

Texas Style - iPhone Wins Shoot Out

Gizmo Slip  with Major Nissan  sponsorship advertising showed the iPhone 5 survived some drops but not when it hit the pavement on its face. When faced with a face-to-face drop, both the Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 broke. When hit on its side or flat on its back the iPhone 5 survived better.

  • 4' Drop Flat- iPhone 5 survived and Samsung Galaxy S III camera glass broke.
  • 4' Drop on Side /Corer - iPhone 5 survived and  Samsung Galaxy S III corner broke with a screen crack.
  • 4' Drop on Face - iPhone  on its face , screen cracked but worked, while the Samsung Galaxy S III failed to work.

Dr. iPhone Doctor

 PhoneDoctors  subjected the phones to drops of different heights by different people.
  • Frame Test 48" - iPhone 5 received scratches/scuffs  and Samsung Galaxy S III  some minor scuffs.
  • Thrown Up by Toddler /Older Kid/ Adult - iPhone 5 nicked up on the frame but screen is fine from all heights.  The rear glass was damaged on the iPhone 5 from the highest height. The toddler throw into the air made the  Samsung Galaxy S III break apart.
  • Face Drop - major damage on iPhone 5, screen broken, major beating and the LCD would have to be replaced. Samsung Galaxy S III was not shown.

SquareTrade's Samsung Galaxy S III Fails for Beer & Swim Test, iPhone Survives Bruised

  • Pavement Drop - the Samsung Galaxy S III did not fair well, the screen completely shattered on when its side hit the pavement while the iPhone 5 side drop test, survived fine.
  • Pool Test - Samsung Galaxy S III  video ran for a while, stopped working completely and the iPhone 5 survived.
  • Collision Test, the phones where hit with various items,  a beer bottle cracked the Samsung Galaxy S III's screen while the iPhone 5 survived.

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  2. What a waste of a perfectly good phones ! Though I happened to drop mine down the sink

  3. It's not a waste because the video makers make a lot of money off of it. They don't care about the environment, all they care about is making money or advertising.

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