Nexus 4 Over-Sold, CS Debacle 4.2 & Sorry Nexus 10 in Stock?

Best of Google Nexus 4, 7 10Whoops! The great Google made some very serious mistakes when the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 went on sale on Tuesday causing a lot of online griping.  There have been reports that the Nexus 10 was sold-out, which may not be true.

Many orders went through for the Google Nexus 4 superphone even though there wasn't any stock available. There were reports of people trying to get orders to go through and then finally getting a sale confirmation.   Buyers were charged for shipping for stock that didn't exist.

Now some of those customers who were sure that their orders went through are receiving "sorry' emails and refunds.  It will be two or three weeks before they will get their orders and have told in emails, " Due to overwhelming demand, your Nexus 4 is on backorder and is expected to ship within three weeks. We’ll send you a notification when your order has shipped and will credit the shipping charges.”

Some orders did go through with forum members stating that they have received confirmation for delivery Friday November 16.

A really irksome situation is an order which was one of the first to go through is backordered while people who ordered later in the day, are getting their order confirmations and delivery dates confirmed.

"I called the Play Store as spoke to manager named Jay told him about the situation how people who ordered after me are getting their orders while  people who ordered 5 hours after me got shipping notifications and I was within the first 4 minutes of it going live.

He said he has to see those screen shots so I pointed him to them.

He said will be looking into this and actually getting back to me by tomorrow. If possible he will be sending the information to the higher ups and try to get some info because according to their system  I am placed on back order even though I never received the email"

Another's experience was very stressful.  The Nexus fan stayed up all night waiting to order online, then found out the orders didn't start until 9:00 PST. He orders the Nexus 4. Google Checkout crashes six time, then he places an order and gets confirmation.  As of today, he doesn't know if he is getting his Nexus 4 or not  asks "Seriously, how do they have the logistics to handle the largest search and ad network in the world, but can't figure out a few boxes?   "

The previous Nexus 7 had similar  customer service problems and a preorder delivery fiasco.  In fact, since the very first Nexus One, customer service problems were reported.

Meanwhile, we checked an Google Play Store and it shows that the Nexus 10 is in stock while some sources are saying that it was sold out in  the first thirty minutes..

The Google support page notes that if you have not received a package tracking number after 2 business days have passed, please contact our support team via phone or via email. You can also cancel your order, 1-855-83-NEXUS (63987).

The tag line on an add states "The best of Google, now in three sizes."  It doesn't tell you that this the worst Google customer service, yet.

We checked Walmart online and the company still has  the Nexus 7 16GB ($199)model for $199 as well as the 32GB ($249)model available for free store pick up from Walmart. when the Nexus 10 tablet was announced, it was stated that Walmart stores would carry the Nexus 10 32GB tablet, it has not appeared, yet online.

There are reports that the Nexus 10 has been seen in Walmart stores therefore it maybe worth calling your local Walmart store to find out when it will be in stock.

7 thoughts on “Nexus 4 Over-Sold, CS Debacle 4.2 & Sorry Nexus 10 in Stock?”

  1. Even though I love Nexus products. The whole ordering process was a mess. This time they didn't have preorders which made it worse.

    Come on Google grow up and get your act together.

  2. It reminds me of the old days when Apples servers used to go down.

    Google needs expandable virtual servers.

  3. I will never order a Nexus product on the first day again. It was a waste of time. I though my order went through and I didn't. They were getting mad a me at work. Heck it's just a phone. I can wait.

  4. What's even funnier is that the Nexus ads are running next to the article complaining about the mess!

  5. We at Google hope we get the Nexus 4 for Xmas because we couldn't order then either....

  6. The problem is that they want it to sell-out and purposely don't have enough stock on hand.

  7. I'm still waiting to see if my order was accepted.

    I'd cry but I didn't expect better, the Nexus 7 also was a pain in the quad-core processor.

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