Sprint 4G LTE Spotted in Los Angeles County for Samsung Galaxy S III & iPhone 5

4G LTE Map Los AngelesAlthough, Los Angeles is not officially mapped currently for LTE service, there are reports fast LTE data from Sprint customers in various parts of Los Angeles.  Sprint hinted at a total deployment date by March 2013.

According to Sprint forum members when they have CDMA/LTE selected in their settings they found LTE service in t parts of Los Angeles City and County. This is for patient may be helpful if you are trying to decide whether to buy an LTE device from Sprint in the Los Angeles area.  The most important thing to discover is coverage for where you live, work and spent much of your time.

4G LTE coverage has been discovered on the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II.  We suspect there will be great discounts on Sprint LTE devices on Black Friday and beyond.

Speetest.net tests show downloads of up to 19.9Mbps.  Sensorly results from users show that deployment appears to happening on major streets, corridors and freeways, with outlying areas without coverage.(click on map to view full size).

Here are the most reported areas in alphabetical order:

  • Atwater Village.
  • Alhambra.
  • Burbank - downtown near Olive Ave.
  • Culver City
  • Downtown L.A.
  • East L.A. by 60 Freeway and Atlantic
  • Gardena.
  • Glendale - parts on and off.
  • Korea Town.
  • La Brea and Santa Monica Blvd.
  • La Canada Flintridge.
  • L.A./Larchmont Area around 3rd Street.
  • Leimert Park.
  • Lincoln Heights.
  • Los Feliz - near Mustard Seed Cafe.
  • Marina Del Rey.
  • North Hollywood (some parts).
  • Norwalk.
  • Pasadena (central) along Arroyo Pkwy.
  • Studio City by Universal Studios & Forest Lawn.
  • Santa Clarita.
  • Silver Lake.
  • Some parts of Van Nuys.
  • Tarzana.
  • Venice.
  • West L.A.
  • Woodland Hills.

Anywhere else? Be sure to leave areas you discovered coverage in the comments below.  Also please let us know it you think there is enough coverage to buy a 4G LTE device, yet.

18 thoughts on “Sprint 4G LTE Spotted in Los Angeles County for Samsung Galaxy S III & iPhone 5”

  1. East Los Angeles off the 60fwy on Atlantic I got download speeds uo to 19.77 mbps and 6.76 upload on my Galaxy S3

  2. Had 4g only around Normandie & Melrose LA...but it's gotne as of monday nght...bring back please...galaxy s3

  3. Yeah, even says so on my Sprint statement. Went around edge of east LA last weekend. Didn't notice it when had it or would have tested it.

  4. I have full 4g at Wilshire Center, rampart village, silver lake, los Feliz, and Atwater village. I am also getting 4g in studio city by universal and forest lawn off the 101/134/170 and parts of North Hollywood. I'm a paramedic so I'm everywhere. I can download 5gig nzb files in about 10 min.

  5. I got 4g speeds in downtown Burbank. Near Olive Ave I got speeds up to 16.43 mbps.

  6. 4G LTE with Sprint in downtown LA? are u kidding me? I live and work in the heart of downtown la, i got Samsung G S3, i am only connected on a 3g all the time, some minor areas catches 4G only NOT even LTE and it fluctuates all the time. The strength is very weak. Yes i agree there are some area that there is 4G but NOT 4G LTE, 4g speed is just moderate speed, not like a lightning speed as everybody expected it.

    • I'm sorry to hear that.

      That's quite possible. You could be getting interference from the buildings. All we are reporting is that is appearing in some parts of town along major corridors. That's we advise people in Los Angeles to wait to buy LTE Sprint smartphones until the whole system is deployed or areas were you frequent.

  7. In Whittier. (Painter ave & Whittier Blvd) 35.43 down and 9.71 up!! I have a screen shot also. Note 2. Super fast!!

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