Tokii Couples App Touches Couples in the Right Places?

TokiiWhile many couples blame their smartphones for destroying their marriage/relationships. Here's a an app that is supposed to help make relationships more h-app-y.

Tokii claims it has revolutionized the way couples connect by turning “couples therapy” into an app that entertains, enlightens and maybe arouses couples as "they transform their marriage into a permanent honeymoon."

Research shows that the average couple spends less than 15 minutes a day talking to each other.  Tokii  claims that it helps couples understand communication styles, discover what it needed in a relationship, and  offers a  freak meter" on some pretty racy subjects.

Tokii features:

  • DiscoveryGames features more than 250 quizzes and activities designed to stimulate conversations, explore new feelings and fantasies, and even get couples competing to see which one knows the other best. B
  •  MoodMeter allows couples to share their moods throughout the day with more than 120 unique emoticons. By better understanding how their partner feels, couples can open up new areas of dialogue and make adjustments accordingly.

The award-winning Tokii app is free for Android and iOS platforms.

Couples who have tried the app are welcome to let us know how it helped in the comments below.

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  1. It seems a little too racy for me.....I'll have to text my wife, we don't talk much any more.

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