iPhone & Samsung Galaxy Message Most Smartphone Messaging Growing

Mobile MessagesAccording to the semi-annual 2012 Mobile Marketing Analytics Report released by Mogreet, media messaging is increasing as well as text messaging for events, politics, sales and natural disasters. iPhone use is increasing more than ever before. Slightly more messages are consumed on the AT&T network.

In September 2012, smartphone penetration crossed the 51 percent mark. Apple iPhone and Samsung smartphone users consume more MMS text messaging than other U.S. mobile phone users as these handset makers focus on integrating MMS and video consumption and sharing tools within their devices.

Mogreet provides SMS/MMS messaging services to a wide range of industries. The second half of 2012 saw a strong increase in MMS messaging within retail, media and entertainment segments primarily due to:

  •  2012 Olympics.
  • 2012 U.S. national, state and local elections.
  • Weather-related activity. Key shopping seasons, including Back to School, Black Friday, Christmas
  • Increase acceptance and adoption of mobile marketing by enterprise marketers

Since April 2012, there has been more than 100 percent growth in MMS/SMS-based marketing program participation on both iOS and Android platforms Percent of opt-in SMS/MMS message consumption by carrier: AT&T – 30 percent,Verizon Wireless – 29 percent, Sprint – 18 percent , T-Mobile – 13 percent, Cricket (Leap Wireless) ,4 percent  and other – 4 percent • Metro PCS – 2 percent (see chart).

iPhone users are the most engaged mobile audience – 50 percent of text marketing campaign opt-ins are iPhone users MMS is on the rise due to the proliferation of high-quality smartphone cameras and screens Sprint and other carriers are rapidly gaining market share due to unlimited data plans and other offerings while leaders AT&T and Verizon decline.

Percent of SMS/MMS message delivery by OEM manufacturer:

  • Apple – 50 percent
  • Samsung – 16 percent
  • LG – 9 percent
  • HTC – 8 percent Motorola –8 percent.
  • Blackberry – 5 percent
  • Other – 4 percent.

The increase in Apple iPhones is due to several key factors: -­? A higher number and variety of Apple phone products available -­? The introduction of the iPhone 5 and reduced prices on older models -­? Pre-paid carriers such as Virgin Mobile USA and Leap Wireless’ Cricket are now offering lower cost iPhones to their subscriber bases -­? Broader user base (including teens, parents, grandparents and other key consumer segments)

Top U.S. regions opted-in for commercial text messages: Laredo, Texas Orlando, Fla. Atlanta, Ga. Phoenix, Ariz. Pittsburgh, Pa.