Samsung Galaxy S 4(IV) & Note 3 (III) Review of News and Release Dates

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs S3As the year ends, with nothing much better to do the conjecturatti and bogusazzi are at it gain suggesting what the Samsung Galaxy S IV and Note III will be like.

First it was rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S IV would be announced at CES--- Not!

It all came about due to interpretations of teaser video.  The  all it says is get ready for something new January 8-11, 2013.  The video then was interpreted later to mean that Samsung would launch new TVs at CES.

Here's where it gets really perverse there was a "rumor" that the Samsung Galaxy S IV would have a flexible unbreakable display, which was refuted by the Verge's "unamed source."  Rather than unbreakable the screen will be HD with 1920x1080 HD display like the Droid DNA.  The Samsung Galaxy S IV won't even be announced at Mobile World Congress but at its own events.

Before the bogusazzi get going,  lets look at all the previous Samsung Galaxy S releases and announcements.  In general and for the past three years, the latest Samsung Galaxy S device was announced in late spring and released in the summer into fall. World releases are earlier than U.S. releases.

So what have we learned?  Samsung Galaxy models are on a one year production cycle, like the iPhone. In 2011, there was a slight delay. We at WiMo News predict that Samsung Galaxy S IV (4)  will be announced in the spring and go on sale in the United States in the summer through fall, provided there is not a lawsuit blocking importation.  The Samsung Galaxy S 4 will have a faster processor and enhanced features.

Compare Samsung Galaxy S III to Samsung Galaxy Note II.   Our review of the Samsung Galaxy Note II points out the best features and deals. Compare to Samsung Galaxy S III. The Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II is back ordered on Amazon and $249.99 for renewing and $224.99 for new customers.  Wirefly is selling the Sprint Note II for $299.99.

We've also seen reports that the Next NEXT BIG Thing will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 3(III) which "could" be as big a 6.3" according to the Korean Times, according to officials from a local parts suppliers.

All we can know for sure is that the Samsung Galaxy Note III, will be a lot like the Samsung Galaxy Note II.  Here's a question we'd like to ask our readers does knowing months before the release date the size of the Samsung Galaxy Note III really make any difference to your buying decision today?  We say, if  you like the present Note II and get a good deal, there is no difference.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II and Samsung Galaxy S III were named in the top best smartphones of 2012 round-up.  



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  1. If I have a SG S3 now, my contract won't be up for another year, unless I want to pay full price.
    I don't care about the screen size of the Note III, I want to know about the 7" note 4!

  2. Whatever Samsung does its great, mostly, except for the slippery back.

    They keep the best secrets but we can only image how good they will be.

  3. Samsung has the best stars representing their products. They also throw great parties and gave money to the Red Cross to help Sandy victims in NY & NJ.

  4. Samsung has the funniest and best commercials. iPhones are for old farts and grannies.

  5. LG has gotten at lot better, they don't have the same promotional impact as Samsung

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