Over .5 Billion Apple iPhone, iPad & iPods Sold - iPhone 6 Rumors Persist

Apple LogoDespite various reports that there are cutback in Apple supply order. Today Apple's Tim Cook revealed that the total number of iPhones, iPads and iPods sold are more than 500,000.

In June of 2012, Apple announced that it had sold 400,000 devices, making sales of 100 million in the second half of which 75 million were sold in the fourth quarter. The number equals 10 per second.

Apple also reported that there are over 250 million iCloud accounts. $20.3 billion of revenue comes from the US. 36 new carriers with LTE will be adding the iPhone 5 next week.

On the Android front, there were over 500 million Android activations reported in September 2012.

Meanwhile Apple stock fell after the report.

There have also been some new iPhone rumors, with claims that there will be a 4.8" iPhone int he summer as sell as two low-end models with 4 inch screen with In-Cell technology which is used in the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 was named one of the top smartphones of 2012, but was beat out by the Samsung Galaxy S III.

There were also reports that before Apple bought Siri, that Verizon Wireless had planned to license Siri on Android.

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