Best iPhone + Droid App Rapport: Social, Treats, Health & Calls

App Rapport Here's our App Rapport for new iPhone apps, updates,  new cheaper BlackBerry app rules, SocialNightLife, Treat, Call-it-out and Coventry Mobile Care.

SocialNightLife is a new app platform  for nightclub and bar venue owners to digitally check-in specific guest lists and “VIPs” while tracking activity by employee, venue, event, and customers. The enhanced SocialNightlife, which includes updated social media integration tools, will also enable users to schedule and deploy customized promotions and reward their loyal customers, iOS App currently available.

Treat Yourself 2 Personalized Cards - you can send personalized greeting cards for Valentines Day or special occasions from iOS app or PC for as little as $1.99. In fact 77% of dog owners celebrate the pup's birthday with a card. You can import friend's birthdays from Facebook and schedule in advance. The Treat Card App is available in the iTunes store.

Call-It-Out is an app allows users to “call out” anything from events, action sports, social/local issues and causes, to brands, restaurants, businesses, places and more. Users can follow friends and view their “call-outs,” discover trending issues, meet like-minded people, discuss issues, plan action and solutions, and access the app’s advanced search function and “trending” section to discover content and issues they are interested in.  It was launched during the ESPN X Games 2013 in Aspen, CO.

Coventry Mobile Care (Android & iOS)- updated its mobile app to manage health care. The apps now include MY RX Choices for medication history and Health & Wellness real-time information and symton checker.

BlackBerry App News - for those like President BlackBerry Obama who are waiting for BlackBerry apps, RIM has new pricing tiers to make sure prices are competitive across the globe with lower starting prices.



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