Nexus 4 Secrets & Tips JB Flinger, Photo Sphere & Google Now

Nexus 4The Nexus 4 continually sells out and is hard to find, except at the LG booth at CES. We met with LG's product trainer Brian Scollo who gave some excellent Nexus 4 tips.

There was a crew of several trained demonstrators showing all kinds of neat tricks with the LG Optimus G, showing that Scollo did a great job of training the demonstrators.

In this video, Scollo shows some secrets and how to unlock hidden Bean Flinger in Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean.

Scollo shows how to launch Google Now quickly and how to take photos in sphere He said that people love taking photos of the full view around them.  He made a photo sphere in 360 degrees which you can share with Google Plus with family and friends. DayDreams is screen saver during charging, you can see currents or photos. 

The Nexus 4 received excellent reviews as an unlocked phone (which is sold-out in the 8GB version) and made it to the best smartphone lists of 2012. Besides being hard-to-find, the Nexus 4 packs a lot power into a the cheapest price for an unlocked phone. It was the first phone to ship with Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 and since it pure Google, you get updates very quickly.

We believe that much of the popularity of the Nexus 4 is due to developers needing the latest version of Android to develop apps.  It has the same processor as the LG Optimus G.

Features of the Nexus 4 include a quad-core processor, 8MP camera, gesture typing, 4.7" 1280x768 Gorilla Glass 2 IPS touchscreen, front camera, SlimPort HDMI, Wi-Fi Bluetooth and barometer.



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