TS2R News CES DAY 2: Samsung Galaxy SIV Chip, Watch Out & Cheap JB Tablets?

CES NEWSThe WiMobile arrived in Las Vegas for day two of CES and we were able to round up the top stories, today.

  • Crazy Eights -Samsung announced an eight core processor, the Samsung Exynos 5 Octa. The eight cores are divided into to two sets of four. The total two sets of cores are only used when needed. Mentioned by Samsung's Dr. Stephen Woo who said it would have double the performance for 3D graphics than its competitors. No devices have been officially associated with the Octa, however, many are hoping it will be launched in the Samsung Galaxy SIV.
  • Samsung Soft on Screens - Samsung also reported it would sell flexible OLED screen using the Youm brand.
    Pebble Smartphone WatchWRelease Date 1/23/2013-the watch that interacts with iOS and Android in a few weeks.  Through Bluetooth, you can see text messages and notifications on a black and white 144 x 168 pixel watch screen.
  • Martian Passport Watch Lands - another watch we saw not only shows text but takes voice commands and works as a voice handset with Android or iOS. we tried to video a demonstration at a party but it was too loud.
  • Poloraid M7 & M10 Offer Snapshot at Affordable Tablets - Polaroid announced two economy Android 4.1 Jelly B tablets.  The 7" 1280 x 800-pixel M7 has a dual-core processor 8GB, 2MP camera and will sell for $129. What's more interesting is that the quad-core 16GB M10 with a ten inch screen, 5MP camera and HDMI port is getting very close to the $200 barrier with list price of $229.  We often see Polaroid tablets at Big Lots and Kohls for even less, which means these tablets could turn into some very good deals.

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