Atrix HD, Droid RAZR M, HTC Rezound, SG Note 2 vs iPhone 5 Scores

For the first time, we've seen a report that certain Android owners are more satisfied than iPhone owners. In fact iPhone 5 comes in 5th place. However, Apple was rated the top best device satisfaction manufacturer in the US.

92,824 U.S. mobile users in July 2012-January 2013 gave the following satisfaction ratings:

  1. Motorola Atrix HD 8.57 - On Device pointed out that this model has a lower price point than the iPhone 5. The Atrix HD was one of the top Motorola smartphones of 2012. The  4.5" Motorola Atrix HD is more like a Droid RAZR than anything else.
  2. Motorola Droid RAZR M 8.5 - The Droid RAZR M is a smaller version of the Droid RAZR HD and Droid RAZR Maxx HD.  The 4.3" screen goes all the way to edge giving you more screen for a petite size and light weight that is larger than the iPhone 5's screen (read comparison). Read review. .BUY for one cent for new customersDroid RAZR MAXX HD Maxes RAZR M, Atrix HD and Photon Q
  3. HTC Rezound 8.32 - this well-reviewed HTC smartphone is now selling for $49.99 for new customers, this smartphone includes Beats Audio and comes with Beats earphones, Android 2.3 and 8MP camera.
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 8.26 - The Samsung Galaxy Note II is the second generation phablet with a built-in S Pen with many tablet-like features along with a smartphone experience similar to the Samsung Galaxy S III.  It received excellent reviews and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is one the best smartphones of 2012  Find dealson SG N2. 
  5. Apple iPhone 5  8.23 - The iPhone 5  is called the best iPhone so far, with many improvements including a bigger screen, LTE, double antennas, more Wi-Fi spectrum, slimmer and lighter design.
On Device Research noted what they call the "4G" impact with all the top smartphones having greater satisfaction(7.76) vs those without a 4G (7.28).
However, in a study of 52,140 UK mobile users, the HTC One X scored higher (8.47) than Apple’s iPhone 5 (8.21).
The top rated manufacturers were
  1. Apple -  7.72.
  2. Google - 7.68.
  3. Motorola- 7.49.
  4. HTC - 7.40.
  5. Nokia - 7.40.
  6. Sony - 7.21.
  7. ZTE - 6.79.
  8. LG - 6.78.
  9. Kyocera -6.71.
  10. Alcatel - 6.52.
  11. Huawei - 6.49.
  12. BlackBerry - 6.26.
  13. Samsung - 6.15.
It seems strange that Samsung came in third place because Samsung had many of the top-rated smartphones of 2012.