iPhone/iPad News: iOS Beta, Solar, Maps, iPhone 4, Devine Vyne and De-Vine

VyneIn iPhone news today, there is a new beta iOS, a solar patent filed, new jailbreaking guidelines from Apple, sales reports and a new stand-out iPhone stand.

Better Beta 4 Devs?

After its stellar release of the iOS 6.1 update Apple is already working on the next version, in beta. Apple has made available the first beta version of iOS 6.1.1 to developers with a caution. The prerelease version of iOS 6.1.1 beta for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch once installed can not be restored to  earlier versions of iOS.

Engineers to Navigate New Maps at Apple

Apple is reportedly working on new maps and is seeking to hire ten software engineers to work on the maps team. The new engineers will work on programming and navigation.

iPhone Sunny Day Powered Soon?

Apple filed a patent application for a small solar panel design for devices with small screens such as iPhones or iPods.  The new technology integrates "touch sensor and solar assembly". It appears that iPhone and iPod owners could use solar power to charge the batteries. It is very early on in the development process therefore don't expect to be sitting at the beach while your iPhone s charging, this summer.

No Get out of Jail Free Cards from Apple

Apple has changed its guidelines showing the dangers of jail breaking after a recent iOS code hack, about th same time as the evasion0n jailbreak tool was released. Apple warns of hazards associating with jail breaking such as instability, security vulnerabilities, shortening battery life, disruption of service, problems with voice/data and not being able to update to the next version of iOS.  Apple considers jail breaking a violation of the end user license "Apple may deny service for an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that has installed any unauthorized software."

iPhone Still Demands Demands

DigiTimes reported that  Apple’s iPhone 4S equaled 20 million of the 47.8 million iPhones sold in the December quarter.  Supply chain checks showed that demand for the iPhone 4 is still strong in the March quarter.  There were iPhone promotions  in India and China.

iPhone Necklace/Stand Lanyard - Vyne Devine while Vine App De-Moted

If you can't stand holding your iPhone, you can now buy a news stand with thick flexible wire, to allow hands-free use of your iPhone. The flexible cord can used as a stand or wrap around your neck to place your iPhone in an easy viewing position.  The device called the Vyne is constructed of a flexible elastomer neck and plastic clip.  It's kind of like a baby sling for your iPhone. This is should not be confused with the Vine app that is now rated 17+ in the App store for adult content.

iTunes Therefore I Rock

Apple today announced that over 25 billion songs have been bought from iTunes. iTunes currently offers more than 26 million songs in 119 countries.

Apple Apple Denied

An appeals court denied Apples request to have Samsung devices banned from the US during the patent case appeals process continues.