TS2R: Keys iPhone Hack, Optimus G Pro, Galaxy S IV, iWatch & More

Too Short to Report Wireless NewsNews that was too short to report includes Alicia Keys, new Apple products, Samsung Galaxy S IV, App Store outage and wearable wristwatch-like iPhone/Samsung Galaxy devices.

  • Alicia Keys who was seen using a iPhone just before her iPhone break-up and new exclusive Beau her BlackBerry Z10 claims that the latest iPhone Tweet on her account sent from Grammy Awards was tweeted by a hacker. She has not explained why two iPhones were in her Grammy dressing room on the counter.
  • Apple Risks Wristwatch - Bloomberg reported that Apple has a team of 100 product designers working on a wirstwatch-like device, some are calling the iWatch.
  • Apple Stores Closed -  there Apple App Store had outages for around an hour today, "Multiple Store Services – 4:10 PM-5:12 PM – Some users affected. Users may have been unable to browse the iTunes Store, App Store, Mac App Store, or iBookstore. "
  • Google Now Widgeted - It has been reported that Google is working on a widget to bring the Google Now widget to more home screen.
  • New rumors suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S IV and S IV mini will be announced in the coming months possibly on March 15.  A Samsung watch like the iWatch is reportedly in the works.
  • LG in Korea photos of the LG Optimus G Pro that show a 5.5" 1080P HD IPS touchscreen and he cases that come in black or white have the sparkle pattern.
  • Apple reported that it has paid $8 Billion to developers, one billion more that it paid one month ago.