WNiR iPhone iOS Update Downer, FaceTime Limited, Jailbreak Stats & New iPhone 6

WNiR iPhonephenonenalWelcome to our first WiMo News iPhonephenomenal Report (WNiR), covering everything iPhone and all the phenomena surrounding the iPhone, its apps, applications, leaks  and news of the phenomenal popularity of  iPhones and iOS devices, today.

  • iPhone Update Downer - Some iPhone 4S owners have having problems with 3G data connections after updating to iOS 6.1 on the Vodaphone network. Owners are advised not to update. Apple is working on the problem.
  • No more FaceTime for Unlimited Data AT&T iPhone  - AT&T customers who have unlimited data plans are blocked from using FaceTime over cellular as of January 16.
  • A user of Sina Tech microblogging in China reported that  iPhone 5s looks like like the iPhone 5  and the iPhone 6 is lighter, longer, wider and thinner. It was reportedly seen at a supplier in China.
  • Over 7 Million Jaibreak Evasion - it took a long time to jailbreak the latest iPhone OS 6.1 and over 7 million owners have visited the Cydia the app store for jailbreakers.
  • OLED Hire Authority - Apple has hired an new display executive Dr. Jeung Jil Lee , a former a research fellow at LG Display, and an expert of OLED technology, making conjecturatti say "OMG OLED 4 the next iPhone."
  • Amazon MP3 Optimized - Amazon has optimized its MP3 Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • Smile for the Box Free Animated Photo Valentines for iPhone from Smilebox - Smilebox is offering new animated valentine designs for its Smilebox for iPhone service. There are some very pretty, hearts, animations and adorable Teddy bears.
  • eHarmony Goes Mobile - --eHarmony  announced its mobile conversion rate (mobile registrants who buy a subscription) is up nearly 40 percent year-over-year.