iPhone 3G, 4,4S 5 iOS Needs More Security Updates or Less Criminals?

Vulnerabilities Mobile OSThieves not only want to steal your iPhone but your data, too.  In fac,t a recent study found that iPhone iOS has the highest rate of found vulnerabilities for mobile operating systems.

The report by Sourcefire covered "25 Years of Vulnerabilities from 1988 to 2012. 2006 was the worst year in computer history for break-ins which was before the iPhone was released.

There's a reason why crooks have been avoiding Android, because it is open and  vulnerable to malicious apps in the Play Store. Cyber-criminals are more likely to use apps and less likely to break into the OS software.

The results showed Android had 24.9%, Windows 14.6% and BlackBerry 11.14% with iOS in the lead with 210 vulnerabilities at 81%.

Yves Younan, senior research analyst at SourceFire noted that because  iPhone apps are tested and have to be approved to be in he Apple App Store, criminals who want to break-in have to find openings in iOS.

Browsers, however are a different story. The Chrome browser  is ranked as one of the highest for vulnerabilities, while Android has very few, iPhone has a significant lead on vulnerabilities,while Safari has the fewest compared to the other browsers.

The good news is that once a security door is open and made public, Apple typically fixes the problem often with a month of the fault becoming publicly known.

However, those with iPhones before 3GS are no longer getting updates from Apple.