iPhone News 5S, 6 Touched, Cheaper, Apps

Let's see what's new with iPhone on what some are calling the day the iPhone died (regarding the Samsung Galaxy S 4). It looks like Apple is getting ready to produce new processors, iPhones and iPads.  There are few new iOS apps that launched, too.

  • Foxconn and Pengatron 2 Make iPhone 6/5S - Our last WNiR showed conflicting future iPhone reports. The iPhone 5S is now called the update of the current iPhone 5 with enhancements such as a faster processor, better camera and more color options. Meanwhile KGI Securities reported that Apple will continue to produce the iPhone 4 and 4S.  Min-Chi Kuo reported that Pegatron will make 75% of the low-cost iPhones and 55% of iPhoen4/S production. Foxconn reportedly will be the only maker of the iPhone 5S.
  • iPhone 6 Rendered - An artist PhotoShopped the iPhone 6 to have side buttons for a bigger screen.
  • Next iPhone Fingered for Wireless Charging? -  Rumors continue about Apple's purchase of AuthenTec, making fingerprint lock and NFC payments easy on the next iPhone.  although Apple's Phil Schiller poo-pooed wireless charging and the iPhone aluminum body makes wireless charging difficult, there are still those who keep posting the wireless charging will be on the next iPhone.
  • Cheaper iPhone Needed - BTIG analysts now rate Apple stock as buy on the assumption that a cheaper iPhone will be released in the fall. ""f the management team does not follow this basic logic, as we expect they will, investors will need to push for a new management team," noted Walter Piecyk at BTIG. He also reported that a larger iPhone 5/6 could  prompt more consumers to upgrade.
  • A7 Chips Taped Out - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, or TSMC, is reportedly in the phase in the final steps before making the Apple's A7 chips that are will not be ready unit 2014.
  • CBS iPhone/iPad App - CBS launched the CBS App for iPhone and iPad users, offering full-episode streaming of CBS programming from primetime, daytime and late night.
  • PRSA Mobile App - PRSA has launch a mobile app to help guide public relations professionals in making ethical decisions, based on the PRSA Code of Ethics,
  • Rate Your Church Service - Survey My Church is the first smartphone app with a companion website that gives churchgoers the power to provide their ministers with feedback about their church going experience.