Android with Samsung (Galaxy S III/2) Beats iPhone by March Verizon Tops

Kantar ReportAndroid is now more than half of US smartphone sales reported Kantar Worldpanel ComTech due to increased Samsung sales while Sprint continues to grow.

"Samsung’s success may be attributed to the fact that they are strong across market factors – from having a widely distributed product across carriers and retailers through to strong marketing and in-store sales training initiatives. Samsung has all the successful elements from brand availability, discounts (seen to be driving growth for carriers such as Sprint) and the right placement across retailers, which is why we continue to see Samsung grow in the market." said analyst Mary-Ann Parlato.

51.2% of smartphone sales during the three months ending in February 2013 were Android, at 5.8% growth.  Apple's iOS for iPhone was 43.5% of sales down by 3.5% while Windows had 4.1% of sales. AT&T continued to be the top iOS carrier with 67.9% of smartphones Apple iPhones while 51.6% of Verizon sales were iPhones.

Verizon sold 35% of smartphones,  AT&T  26.7% was second place and Sprint represented 15%.

Analyst Mary-Ann Parlato also noted that due to Samsung's price drop at the end of 2012 there were many upgrades to Samsung devices. Sprint

Of total Samsung buyers, 52% purchased a Galaxy S III, 21% a Galaxy S II and 5% a Galaxy Note II. Compared to purchasers of other brands, Samsung purchasers were more likely to cite “handset cost” and “carrier brand” as key drivers.

Samsung buyers came from feature phones and smartphones:

  • 19% previously owned a Samsung feature phone.
  • 15% owned an HTC smartphone.
  • 14% owned an LG feature phone.
  • 10% owned a Samsung smartphone.
  • 9% owned a BlackBerry.

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