Free Global Biongo Wi-Fi @ Airports 4 AT&T Subs

AT&T and Biongo announced an international agreement giving Biongo subscribers access to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots and AT&T global data package subscribers access to Biongo Wi-Fi .

 Here are the details:

  • The AT&T Wi-Fi International app is available to AT&T customers who subscribe to either the 300MB ($60) or 800MB ($120)AT&T Data Global Add-On package will get access up to 1GB of Wi-Fi each month at no additional charge. The packages are for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. One month minimum is required.
  • Boingo customers traveling in the United States o be able to access ATBiongo Travel&T's network of Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the country, including airports, restaurants, sporting arenas and retail locations.

Biongo unlimited Wi-Fi service costs $9.95 a month in the United States.

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