Samsung Galaxy Bests iPhone Oustells All Others Incl. Nexus 4

Although Samsung's dominance in the smartphone market hasn't hit the major carriers in the United States, yet(AT&T, Sprint & Verizon), it is taken on the world of smartphones with shipments beating all of its closest competitors combined. Samsung also is also the top vendor for all wireless phones, in the world, too. It looks like the Samsung Galaxy in ruling the whole wireless device universe!

Two major reports show how fast Samsung has taken over the smartphone and handset market due to such hits as the Samsung Galaxy S III/Note. They also report that Samsung should continue to dominate the market as long as there are no supply shortages.

Samsung Galaxy Strategy Analyzed

Strategy Analytics pointed out the Samsung grew fifty-six (56) percent over last year and shipped an all-time hight whoping 69.4 million smartphones gobally, with a thirty-three (33) percent marketshare in Q1 2013.

Samsung shipped almost twice as many smartphones and grew nine-times faster than Apple during the quarter.

With the flagship Galaxy S 4 model likely to be popular, if there are no component shortages, Samsung should continue to deliver strong smartphone volumes worldwide in the second quarter of the year, concluded Strategy Analytics.

Samsung Galaxy Beat Out All 4 Even Nexus 4

Samsung Dominates IDC reported in 1Q13, Samsung shipped more units than the next four vendors combined.  IDC also noted that Samsung revealed the Samsung Galaxy S4 with new features including display, camera, WiFi, and security innovations that should contribute to Samsung's growth.

IDC reported that Samsung shipped 70.7 million units, Apple shipped 37.4 million, LG shipped 10.3 millioin, followed by Huawei(9.9) and ZTE (9.1 )

LG came back into  popularity due tot eh L series and Optimus G, as well as the Nexus 4, reported IDC.

Samsung Handles All Handsets Too

Samsung is also the top mobile phone vendor in the world with 115 million shipped units in the 1st quarter, followed by Nokia (61.9), Apple(37.4), LG(15.4) and ZTE (13.5).

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