GoPhone iPhone & Android Get Faster LTE HSPA+

AT&T announced that prepaid GoPhone users will be able to use it 4G LTE and HSPA+ networks. You have to have either an iPhone or other HSPA+ or LTE-enabled smartphone.

AT&T claims it is a great option for customers with an iPhone or 4G/LTE device that do not want to pay a deposit, sign a contract, or receive a bill.

Customers must own an iPhone/HSPA+/LTE device, or purchase a device in store at the full price for use with new 4G/LTE GoPhone service.

Go PhoneThen you have to activate on the $65, $50, or $25 monthly plans. Data packages are required to access network data on $50 and $25 monthly plans.

The$65 prepaid plan comes with unlimited voice, texting and 1 GB of data, $50 includes unlimited voice and texting, and for $25 a month you get 250 voice minutes and unlimited texting, each with optional data packages. You then add on data at $25 for 1 GB, $15 for 200 MB  or $5 for 50 MB.

Existing GoPhone customers with an iPhone or 4G/LTE device will be automatically updated with network data access on June 21, 2013.