No Nexus 5 but Nexus 4 White-Washed at Google I/O: June 10

Googlers have gotten their hands on a new incarnation of the Nexus 4 in white/ivory that a white knight for pure Google fans.

There's glitter in the background of the ivory-colored Nexus 4 cases seen at Google I/O.  Although Google has not announced it, the Nexus 4 will apparently come in Ivory, with the same internal specs of the black Nexus 4.

The snowy-white Nexus 4 will reportedly be released on June 10, according "to word on the street" or four weeks from today on the Google Play Store.

NExus4whiteThe Nexus 4 has high specs at low price, unlocked, without LTE data.

There were previous rumors that a Nexus 4 with LTE or Nexus 5 would be launched at Google I/O which did not happen. It now seems that Google wanted developers to concentrate on using the existing version of Android and given them time to catch up.

The Nexus One and Nexus S were used as brains mini-satellites to take photos of earth.  Google announced an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S 4 with a "Nexus" experience.

Previously, the next Nexus 4 was reported to be an enhanced Nexus 4 with LTE access, 32GB of RAM, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and maybe with CDMA access. The CDMA has been reported for Sprint, later this year, not for Verizon Wireless.

If we follow previous launches of major Nexus phones like the  Samsung Galaxy Nexus(12/2011) and Nexus 4 (11/15/2012), the models were announced in the fall.  The trend with all major makers is that they have their top models in time for the holiday buying season. The Nexus 5 may be slated for a fall announcement and early-winter release date. There were also reports that there would be a Nexus 11 and new Nexus 7  tablet.

Google may be following the trend of carriers, not to announce devices until the device is in stock and ready to ship.  Almost every Nexus device sold by Google has had customer service problems, that occurred for the Nexus 4 way back to the Nexus One.

Often devices like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy I were first released in black and then other colors were introduced later.