Clues of Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, No-ETF, Nexus 4, BlackBerry Z10 & Deals

We are trying something new, with news snips and quips.  We make up a quip and you have to guess what news it snips to. Find out the answers to the clues, click on the links or get the answers from the list of devices and words on the bottom of page.

Do your really know your Wireless and Mobile News?

  1. HTC One has fun with in the sun without HTC Sense, the price however doesn't make sense for those on contracts.
  2. For a 61-cents a month, AT&T users chose to lose contracts and save big time.
  3. Nexus 4 WhiteThere are more hands free in Puerto Rico but not free from cell phones.
  4. After a black-out of sales the outlook for this smartphone widens in white.
  5. The gadget may reach of 80 million this year but will be seeing red on June 14.
  6. Although the current model has no button, the next one out on 6/6 will have solid keys to letters/numbers.
  7. This carrier is rated the highest for small and medium business.
  8. She signs about service that is needed for hard of hearing and deaf, an advocate for what is truly needed.
  9. It you don't talk crooked and want an un carrier this pure Google smartphone may be the cheapest deal for you.
  10. The last Droid is our first in reviews.

Answers in reverse order:

Droid DNA T-Mobile, Marlee Matlin, Verizon Wireless, BlackBerry Q10, Samsung Galaxy S 4, Nexus 4, Whopper, ETF, pure Google version.

If you like this feature let us know because it may be fun to run it once a week on Fridays to test your Wireless and Mobile News knowledge.