GS 4 Memory Loss to Be Fixed - Fastest Selling Samsung Galaxy

All the special "S" software on the Samsung Galaxy S 4 takes up a lot of storage space which Samsung will attempt to free up more space. Sales figures, however show that few buyers cared about the storage problem.

All the Samsung apps and take up 7GB of  16GB of storage ont the 16GB model, leaving about 9GB for photos, videos and message. Previously, Samsung told those wanted more space to use more storage with a microSD card which the iPhone 5 and HTC One do not have.

GS 4 Memory Available
After all the apps there's only 9GB left on the Samsung Galaxy S 4.

After, a BBC Watchdog investigation, Samsung said that it will work to free up more storage space. Samsung noted that GS 4 uses the internal memory for innovative and unique feautres.  Samsung said it will review the possibility to secure more memory though software optimization.

In the meantime, Google recently announced that it will sell an unlocked, "pure Google" version of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 for $649 with a "Nexus" user experience.

The are many "special" S features on the GS 4 that contribute to that fact sales of the GS 4 will surpass 10 million units, next week.  The Samsung Galaxy S III sold 10 million in 50 days.  The GS 4 is the fasting selling Samsung Glaaxy-branded smartphone, ever.

Although Samsung didn't sell 5 million in the first weekend of sales like the iPhone 5, it is one of the first makers to even come close to iPhone 5-mania.