Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 (GS 4) Release date May 23

Verizon Wireless has moved up the release date of the  Samsung Galaxy S 4  to be available in stores on May 23.  Verizon is currently taking preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 which sells for $199 with a contract after a $50 rebate.

This is the first time, we've seen a release date changed to be earlier, than announced which is good sign. In the past with devices such as the HTC Thunderbolt, release dates were pushed later and later. 

Verizon GS 4The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is the premiere "next big thing" from Samsung, packed with new software that does more things than some computers. Previously, there were reported supply issues with the Samsung Galaxy S 4.

We are working on a extensive "Review of Reviews" of the Samsung Galaxy S 4. Previously, we explained why some people will want to wait to buy the GS 4 when compared to present and future smartphones.