Droid Landing Droid DNA XL Not: Grandma-Game

Yesterday, Droid fans and conjrecturatti were all a flutter over the reinstatment of the DroidLanding Twitter account, the account that usually foretells the release of another Droid smartphone.  The rumors turned out be false and the Tweets a game to garner interest in a new game.

Tweets that started with "Surveillance feed live ::: Recon in progress ::: Multiple contacts on the move ::: Observe and report…" Then there was a link to a video trailer from Verizon Wireless for the Droid Combat game.

Droid CombatThe game uses augmented reality is location-based. The latest video shows a grandma-type lady shadowed by a huge Droid being.

Many were hoping and calling the Twitter resurrection as the return of the Droid series of smartphones.  According to  Verizon spokeswoman, Brenda Raney the Twitter handle was re-ignited to"announce a game."

The game was made by Munkyfun that developed the scavenger hunt game for the Droid Bionic.

A check on Google news today still shows accusations and reports that a Droid DNA XL will be coming soon.

Game on Verizon

We've been wondering if the Droid line is dying due to manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC who want to keep the same name across carriers.  The last Droid, was the well-reviewed Droid DNA that came out in late 2012 made by HTC.  Usually, a Droid Incredible model is launched in April which did not happen this year. The HTC One was announced via the Verizon Wireless Twitter feed for late this summer.

There is now a new game in town from Verizon Wireless...

 It seems like everybody is changing the game and trying to be "game changers."