HTC One & Samsung Galaxy S 4 Pure Google No Nexus Snafus, Yet

Google has started shipping the Google Editions of the Galaxy S4 and HTC One reported Android Central. When shipped on July 9, many expect delivery on July 10.

These versions remove some of the proprietary HTC and Samsung software and replace it with stock Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.Both models come unlocked and ready for a SIM for T-Mobile or AT&T. The HTC One lacks support for AWS HSPA+ support for T-Mobile. The Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S 4 supports EDGE HSPA+ and LTE for T-Mobile and AT&T.

These HTC One ($599) and Galaxy S4 ($649) are shown to be in stock and shipping in 1-2 business days. Free ground shipping is included.

The HTC One software is missing BlinkFeed and the Zoe camera app. Beats Audio, however is still enabled.

The Google Edition GS 4 lacks all the special Samsung "S" software features. Some on-screen menus have been replaced with use of the physical button in Android 4.2.2.  Because the Samsung software is not loaded it has full 12GB of storage vs the 7GB found on carrier-branded Samsung-loaded models.

There are also rumors that there will be a "Google" version of the Sony Xperia Z and other smartphone models in the futre.