Sprint Unlimited Guarantee & Shared Plans Start 2Day

Unlimited data for AT&T and Verizon are a thing of the past. Sprint claims that you'll never have to worry about losing unlimited data with their new unlimited My Way or My All-in plans that start today.  All plans are in flat numbers like Verizon did when it launched its Share Everything Plan.  Sprint is also offering discounts for multiple lines of service.

The plan called "Unlimited My Way" offers unlimited, talk, text and data for $80 dollars a month for a single user.  There are also ways a family can combine discounts and at unlimited data for $30 a month for smartphones and $10 for basic phones. There is a $20 a month for 1GB data option for smartphones or no data option.  Mobile hotspots are $10 a month for 1GB of data. See details in chart below.

Where there can be big savings is in families of three or more, the firs line of service is $50, the first additional line of service is $40, the next one is $30 and the fourth to tenth are $20 each.springguarantee

The My All-in plan with unlimited talk, text and data while on the Sprint network and 5GB mobile hotspot usage for $110.

The guarantees last for the life of the line of service as long as bill are paid and can not be transferred.

The announcement noted that the a smartphone customer can save $20 a month vs Verizon's 2GB of data smartphone plan.