Yellow is the New Green Way to Charge Samsung Galaxy (or iPhone) with Urine (Pee) via MFC

yellowtoilet The toilet (loo) is a popular place for phone use and it may soon become the best place for a quick cell phone charge.  You've heard of fuel cells, well there may be urine cells in the future(MFC).

The news has lead to number of humorous titles from journalists who can't help punning about the piss-abilities of  the new source of power.

Some call it urine-tricity, wee-power, piss-wattage, ur-ine for a treat, tinkle-charging,  juice from your juice or the liquid gold rush. However,  there is a serious case for using urine to create power.

A scientist in the U.K. has found a way to bring more power to the pee-ple (right on) and make the whiz-dom of yellow, the new green for sustainability.

Dr Ioannis Ieropoulos, from the Bristol Robotics Laboratory found a way to harness the power of urine as it passes through a cascade of microbial fuel cells (MFCs),  to charge a Samsung mobile phone. In the future urine may charge not only cells, but  showers, lighting, or even razors.

Dr.Ieropoulos, noted that you don't have rely on erratic wind or sun. The technology can re-use something where there is a big supply.

The urine fuel power pack has been used to make enough power to fuel texts, web browsing and make a short phone call on a Samsung phone.

The MFC is an energy converter which turns organic matter directly into electricity through the metabolism of live micro-organisms.

Dr. Ieropoulos also said they are looking for funding to develop a smart toilet. The research was completed in partnership with University of the West of England and the University of Bristol. Reported in Royal Society of Chemistry journal.

On the other hand, there is device currently available the myFC PowerTrekk Fuel Cell, a fuel cell that works with either water or urine for "people on the go."

Priced at $229, shown at CES and  sold by  REI. Clean fuel cell technology in the myFC PowerTrekk Fuel Cell, converts hydrogen into electricity; simply insert a PowerTrekk Puck (sold separately) and add water (or pee).