Don't Bling Bedazzle or Stone Your iPhone or Smartphone---Here's Why

blingiPhoneYou know those beads, rhinestones, bling, crystals and other things you put on your phone to make it look pretty? Please don't do it any more. Kristin Chenoweth explains why in this clip from the Tonight Show.

Chenoweth suffers from vertigo and her inner ear doctor had to put a camera down her ear to find a shiny bedazzle bead.

The doctor pulled out a pink bedazzle from her phone. One of the crystals fell in her ear. There was a bedazzle missing from her phone.

Putting small things in your hears, even ear plugs can cause infections.  It is also a good idea to clean your earbuds if they rest in your ears.  We found that putting hand sanitizer such as Purell on our phones and earbuds, helps to fight infections.

It especially important to clean your phone if you take it with you and put it down in places such as the bathroom floor.

Another option you can chose is to customize the case of the Moto X from the very start and then you don't have to worry about losing your bedazzles.

There are also cases that have faux sparkles in translucent case with gem cuts to look like a gemstone.