Top Best: iPhone 5S, Moto X, Droid Ultra/mini/MAXX, BlackBerry Z/Q 10 & Nokia Lumia

It has been a week of many launches before the next iPhone announcement with rumors galore and more choices than ever before. News hovered over the Moto X/Droid launches, BlackBerry, Windows phone, Samsung Galaxy and Verizon Wireless.

TopTen BEST read newsWireless NewsWe designed a Moto X on with MotoMaker but in order to get one you have buy a  Moto X Card from an AT&T store. The Moto X became available on Friday, August 23.

For those who still love BlackBerry we showed the top best reasons to buy or sell BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 .

The Nokia Lumia (520-928) update for Windows Phone 8  should be out to all phones by 9/30.

Sprint stared selling the Samsung Galaxy S 4 in Purple we found the best deals.

The  Droid Mini is a hit and sold-out it was out of stock but will ship soon. The Droid brand is still very popular the other Droids sold-out, we showed how to get Droid Ultra, mini MAXX ASAP with the cheapest deals.

Microsoft upped its advertising with many new videos comparing the Nokia Lumia vs iPhone & Windows vs iPad.

The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3" Mega Phablet vs GS 4 went on sale at AT&T.

If you are wonder if size does matter the  iPhone 5S screen size matters more to analysts than iPhone buyers or does it?

For the Moto X  you can unlock with a tap of a Skip .

Some days the news was too short to report, so we summarized all into one TS2R: YouTube Android/iPhone Update, HTC One, Vine, VZW, Moto X & ZTE Open.

Can you hear me know? Protesters didn't like that Verizon Wireless  does not pay corporate taxes .