Grandfathered Unlimited Verizon Plan Holders Getting Subsidized $199 Phones For Now

Unlimited Data maintained on VerizonIt looks like grandfathered Verizon unlimited data plan holders prayers were answered ever so briefly over this weekend. Those who order a new smartphone online are not being pushed into to "Share Everything Plans" and are maintaining their unlimited data, for now.

Update 9/30/2013 10:21 am PDT:  It appears the glitch in the system was fixed sometime late last night.  I have contacted Verizon PR reps to find out what Verizon will officially do, if they will honor the sales or if they will offer a discount or some kind of credit to accounts.  I will post a response as soon as I receive one.

Update 9/30/2013 1:52pm PDT: Verizon will honor the sales, we've received official word from their PR department.

There is a glitch in the Verizon Wireless online ordering website that is allowing Verizon Wireless customers with unlimited data plans to keep their plans and buy a subsidized smartphone along with the a coupon code VERIZON30 that takes 30% of the price of $199 smartphone and lowers it $139.  There are reports of people getting subsidized Galaxy Note 3, LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy S 4 models at the discounted price.Usually a screen appears showing that the buyer has to change plans when buying a subsidized model phone.

The buying process has been completed by several users who claim to have kept their unlimited data plans.

Verizon management is off for the weekend therefore no one is really sure what will happen. Those with legal backgrounds note to take a screen shot of every part of your process, because you are entering into a legal contract with Verizon Wireless.

Some Verizon phone reps said that Verizon will honor the contracts others are not sure.

One Verizon upgrader wrote "Reps are all over the place on this. I talked to three different reps yesterday before, during, and after my upgrade, and all said the unlimited data would be honored.

On the other hand a Verizon forum member noted

"It is a glitch in the system, if it shows you can keep it then you will but if the glitch is fixed it may default to the 2 GB data package because in the contract it states we can change anything at anytime
 You have all the time to cancel it before it ships."

As late as 1:20 pm today, there are reports of buyers buying a LG G2 for $139 and the account still showing unlimited data.

Someone who went to the Verizon store reported that "To keep the unlimited you need to  buy the phone at full purchase price"

In the past, Verizon spokes people confirmed that grandfathered plans would only stay if you pay full price or bring your own Verizon device.  Many plotted ways to keep their grandfathered plans included keeping their grandfather's phone after he passed away.

If there is a problem, you have the option of cancelling the sale.  If you return the phone there may be a restocking fee.

It will be interesting to see what happens on Monday.  The government may be closed but you could have a new subsidized Verizon smartphone....