Samsung Smart App Challenge 4 Note 3/10.1 with Pen or Look

GalaxyNoteChallengeSamsung announced the Smart App Challenge for the Galaxy Note with over $1.1 million in prizes. Fist prize is $200,000 U.S.

Winners will be invited to Samsung Developer events including Mobile World Congress 2014 and provided with promotional opportunities, depending on the winning apps.  Apps will be judged on uniqueness, commercial potential, functionality, usability and design.The prizes will go to 12 winning apps that best incorporate the Pen package or Look package in Samsung Mobile SDK. The winners will also get the opportunity for investment evaluation from Samsung Venture Investment as well as a host of marketing support for app promotion.

The challenege is open from September 5 – November 30, 2013(GMT). Developer can enter either smart note apps or smart tablet apps. Apps must have English language support and may offer multilingual support that includes English. You must submit an introduction of your app.

Apps released on Samsung Apps after September 1, 2013 are eligible for entry. You cannot enter paid promotion apps or apps that are subject to a contract with Samsung. Apps that use Samsung IAP (In-App Purchase) or Samsung AdHub will earn additional points.

You can submit multiple apps. Submission to both tracks with the same app is possible, but there is a maximum of one prize per entry.

Samsung now offers you Samsung Mobile SDK,  that allows you  to develop for Samsung Android devices. Developers can build great apps for a more diverse experience by using the Pen package or Look package in Samsung Mobile SDK.