U.S. Cellular Takes Bytes out of Unlimited Data, Sharing Only for Newbies

uscellularU.S. Cellular following AT&T's lead, is now only offering shared data plans to new customers. Existing customers do not have to change to a Shared Data plan.

U.S. Cellular announced its Shared Data plans that offer data buckets starting at 300MB for $40 a month and going up to 75GB for $560 a month.

The plans start with $30 a month for a basic phone and $40 a month for a smartphone with unlimited texts and minutes.

There is $20 a month for fee a mobile hotspot and $10 a month to connect a tablet.

Tethering is included for free.  There are also data-only plans for tablets, hotspots and modems that start at $10 a month for 1GB of data.

Monthly Device Connection Charge Minutes and Messaging Shared Data Offering Monthly Recurring
Data Charge
Smartphone: $40 Unlimited on all plans 1GB $50
Basic Phone: $30 2 GB $60
Hotspots/Wireless Modems: $20 4 GB $70
Tablet: $10 6 GB $80
8 GB $90
10 GB $100

For basic phones, users "Talk and Text Only Plans" that include 450 minutes and unlimited messaging for individuals for $50.

The family "Talk and Text Only" plan comes with 1000 minutes and unlimited messaging for families at $100 for two lines and $20 for each additional line.

Earlier this year U.S. Celllular stopped offering many of its popular new customer promotions, which was probably a sign that shared data was coming soon.