Best pre-Black Friday Deal 2Day: Samsung Galaxy S III Pre-Paid 35% Off

SGSIIIAmazonThe best smartphone of 2013, the Samsung Galaxy S III when purchased for prepaid use on either Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile has many of the top features of the top smartphones today, but at a fraction of the cost. Since Amazon headquarters is on the West Coast, we suspect this deal will end at midnight tonight.

Since this deal is over, we suggest you check out Virgin Mobile 50% off deals on Thursday-Friday and Best Buy prepaid deals that are close to 50% off some models.



The Deal of the Day on Amazon is a whopping  35%off the list price of the Samsung Galaxy S III (at Amazon) reducing it from $399 to $259.99  making it almost as cheap as the $199 for an iPhone 4 at Virgin Mobile, however the iPhone 4 is a four generations ago while the Samsung Galaxy S III is still being sold.

The Samsung Galaxy S III for Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile on Amazon today is $259.99.

Hold on to your credit cards, we just got a sneak peak at Virgin Mobile Cyber Monday Deals and the same Samsung Galaxy III 4G - will be $249.99 at Virgin Mobile on Monday only.

The Samsung Galaxy S III received great reviews and is only missing a few features from the Samsung Galaxy S4 that came out this year.

Virgin Mobile Deal

When you prepay with Virgin Mobile can cost $30 per month for 300 voice minutes unlimited text and data. The next plan up is 1200 minutes for $45 and unlimited minutes for $50 a month.  The plans can be reduced by $5.00 a month paying with Auto Pay. All Virgin MobileBest Deal: $199 iPhone 4 w/o Contract Virgin vs Straight Talk, T Mobile, AT&T, Sprint & Verizon smartphone plans include 2.5GB/month of high speed data.  The $30 a month adds up to $720 a year while the $40 a month equals $960 a year.

Virgin Mobile clearly calls its unlimited data 2.5GB that is throttled afterwards. If miss the deal today on Amazon Virgin Mobile currently has 20% of the  Samsung Galaxy S III.

Boost Mobile Deals

Boost Mobile received the highest satisfaction buying experience from  J.D. Power Smartphone plans start at $55 Includes unlimited talk, text and data for  $55/month. Plus with Shrinking Payments, you can reduce your monthly payments to as little as $4o month when paid over time.

Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile  both use the Sprint Network.

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